Kindle Mate

Announcement: Kindle Mate 1.38 released with the ability to import Kindle App notes file and a few feature updates and experience improvements. Check it out!

Kindle Mate is a neat tool with rich features designed to sync, organize, import & export Kindle clippings (Kindle highlights and notes) and Kindle Vocabulary Builder words on computer.  We wish you would love more reading and learning with Kindle.

Kindle Mate main page


Just connect and work! No setting or scripting at all

  • Support all models of Kindles including Kindle 3/4/Touch, Kindle Paperwhite,Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis, with multiple languages, time zones and locales support, automatically

Import and learn your valuable reading notes and words offline

  • Auto-sync, import  Kindle highlights, notes and vocabulary words, organized by author, title, words learning status, lookup frequency
  • Kindle Mate saves Kindle clippings and words data safely in local DB.  Use it wisely.

Export Kindle clippings and words with full customizations

  • Export or copy with flexible options of content, author, title, date, stem, usage, definition and other formats.
  • Export Kindle highlights, notes, Vocabulary Builder words into Anki, Word, Excel etc.

Manage and organize clippings and words with efficiency

  • Get frustrated deleting/managing word one by one?  Easily edit clippings and vocabulary words, batch set ‘Learning/Mastered’ even truncate them at one click!
  • Full-Text search through content, page location, author, title, usage, definitions etc. Categorize clippings and words for quick highlight and access.

And more awaits you to explore, or download Kindle Mate now!