Quick Tips for Using Kindle Mate (updated for 1.36)

Don’t know how to get started with Kindle Mate?  It is intuitive and easy to use! Just connect your Kindle with your computer via USB cable, wait for a few seconds, and once showing Kindle Connected then press F2. You’ll see what you have in Kindle.

Here are some handy tips for you(updated for Kindle Mate 1.36):

  1. Everytime you sync with your Kindle, Kindle Mate will recognize all your new clippings and words, ignoring all duplicates.
  2. Select any book, author, word book or list items to export, or simply press Ctrl+S wherever you like to export something.
  3. Define your desired clippings and vocabulary words formats, highlight and note merging styles and Anki export styles(new feature in 1.36) in Options menu before copying or exporting.
  4. When exporting to a file, File Save Dialog provides severval save types, like Anki, Excel etc., besides customimzed plain text.
  5. Create a Category Folder (new feature in 1.35) to better organize your clipping books, authors and vocabuary books(Ctrl+N), and then browse and export by Category Folder.
  6. Remember that all your items in Reading Pane are editable. Double-click or hit Enter on Highlight, Note, Stem, Usage and Definition to enter Edit Mode.
  7. Export your reading clippings in Kindle Raw Format  to share with your friends, which they can import back into their Kindle Mate.
  8. The definitions for vocabulary words must be downloaded separately before exporting(F12). They cannot be retrieved via sync by Kindle Mate due to technical limitations. Kindle Mate supports local offline dictionary feature(new in 1.35) and serveral online dictionaries which you can add defintions to Kindle Vocabulary Builder words from.
  9. Get annoyed by too many clipping books with similar titles (and only few clippings in there) or far too long titles? Merge or rename them by Merge/Rename Clipping Books(Ctrl+M)!
  10. All the clippings, words and settings of Kindle Mate after syncing stores locally in the sqlite database file ‘KM2.dat’, which resides on the Kindle Mate program folder.
  11. You can edit clippings, create notes or change learning status of words with Kindle Mate and then save those changes to your Kindle, by Sync Changes to Kindle (F10), finally!

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