Kindle Mate 1.35 is available with tons of new features and improvements.

<General changes>
+ Added ‘Category Folder’ feature to categorize and manage Clippings Books, Authors and Vocabulary Books in folders.(Ctrl+N)
You may use this feature to organize and export your books or authors on different purposes, eg, to create folders like [SPANISH BOOKS] or [HARRY PORTER SERIES] etc.Category Folder-Kindle Mate

+ Extend Content Edit feature to Clippings, Notes, Word Usages and Definitions.
Edit Content-Kindle Mate
* Adjusted and reorganized system and context menus and some layouts for better experience.
– Administrator privilege used to run Kindle Mate is no longer required.
+ More languages support
* Other known bugs fixes and performance improvements

<Clipping management changes>
+ Added an option to merge relevant clipping and note into a single record when exporting.(Options-Clippings Copy/Export Format-Merge Content)
merge highlight and notes-Kindle Mate
+ Added support to export clippings into Word with book index and navigation.
+ Significantly improved importing and syncing performance on large clippings(5000+)

<Vocabulary management changes>
+ Added support of local dictionary files in Manage Word Definitions. Now you can add definitions for your Kindle vocabulary words using desired dictionaries.

local dictionary files-Kindle Mate
Build or convert your own dictionary files:
Simply convert some dictionaries  or save your excel files to tab-separated text file and copy to the folder [Kindle Mate Main Folder]dicts. Usage: word and definition each line, separated by tab (recommended) / semicolon / comma / space. Use <br> for new line.
Try this sample: Oxford English Dictionary(Open)

+ Added Shanbay Bilingual(en-en, en-cn) and Wiktionary (20 target languages, beta) in Dictionary Source.
* Word data is no longer required when exporting vocabulary words. (You could export stem only when needed.
+ Added an option to switch usage scope (across books or only for the selected book view)
– Fixed the word book export issue. Now when exporting a word book into a text or excel file, usages of other books are excluded.
* Improved Anki export file compatibility.
* Importing the file exported by Kindle Mate into Anki might fail due to some unpaired marks. The issued is addressed and fixed.

3 thoughts on “Kindle Mate 1.35 is available with tons of new features and improvements.

  1. Dear Developer,

    Let me extend my gratitude for all your work! May I ask if you plan on uploading the full version somewhere? At this moment only version 1.31 is possible to be downloaded at the mirrors, version 1.35 is available at portable version only.

    Kind regards,

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