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  • Kindle Mate startup screen
    Navigate through all your clippings and vocabulary words by book author, titles and learning status.Best way to review and manage your clippings and vocabulary words anywhere and anytime on your computer.
  • Kindle Activity Profile: Your clipping and word learning activities and statistics at a glance!
    Want to know how your reading and clipping (creating a highlight or note) and your vocabulary learning are going as well? (Shortcut: F6)
    Kindle Mate - Statistics of Kindle Vocabulary Builder Kindle Mate - Statistics of Kindle clippings
  • Auto-detect and load Kindle clippings and words
    Kindle Mate detects Kindle connect or disconnect status and quickly sync, without any setting required. Kindle Mate recognizes and parses all available data from all models of Kindles, with multiple languages and locales support. (Shortcut: F2)
  • Export to files with bulk export features
    Select any book, author or any item list then export as your defined format options.(Shortcut: Ctrl+S)kindle export file
  • Customize Clippings Copy/Export Format
    Customize Clippings (highlights and notes) export or copy format and preview them before exporting.
  • Customize Words Copy/Export Format
    Customize Kindle Vocabulary Builder Words export or copy format.customize kindle words export format
  • Merge Clippings Books (new in 1.31): Book series and magazines containing clippings now can be automatically merged into single book for better organizing in the navigation tree.(Shortcut: Ctrl+M)   In the following case, multiple The Economist magazines with clippings are merged into the new book automatically. You also could use these feature to rename any books.
    km_merge clippingsbook-1 km merge clippings book-2 km merge clipping book success
  • Change Learning/Mastered status of Kindle Vocabulary Builder words
    Batch change Kindle word learning status of any word list or even an entire book! (Shortcut: F7/F8)batch set learning status of kindle words
  • Categorize and full-text search
    Label ant clippings and words for quick access; search any key words using full-text search and highlighted result. (Shortcut: F3)categorize clippings or words for quick accesssearch categories
  • Sync Changes to Kindle
    Finally, sync all your changes made in Kindle Mate back to your Kindle device! You may edit highlights and notes or create new ones, or you batch change word learning status, delete them easily in Kindle Mate, then use Sync Changes to Kindle to save these changes back to Kindle.(Shortcut: F10)