How to empty/truncate my Kindle vocabulary words?

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I accidentally added hundreds or thousands of words into Kindle Vocabulary Builder when reading some books, now I want to delete all of them.  I try deleting them in Kindle but it turns out  that I have to delete each item ONE BY ONE!


You can do that at a few clicks using Kindle Mate.

Step1: Launch Kindle Mate, and connect your Kindle to your PC, waiting for Kindle to be connected.

Step2: Use Edit menu in the menu bar, and then choose Sync Changes to Kindle (shortcut F10). In the Dialog, check Sync Kindle Vocabulary Words and Truncate all words in Kindle, as shown below.

Click Start button to delete all your words in Kindle Vocabulary Builder.

truncate kindle words

* Please be noted that the UI above might be slightly different across Kindle Mate versions. 





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