How to export my Kindle Vocabulary Words to Anki?

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Exporting Kindle Vocabulary Builder words into Anki for learning and flash card memorizing is very straight forward. Just follow a few steps as below.

Also see the blog from an experienced Anki user.

Step 1: Export your Kindle words using Kindle Mate
Select your words (all words, Mastered or Learning words or any list of words), and then use the pop-up menu Export to File…(Ctrl+S).  Remember to choose Anki format in the  ‘Save as type’ option in the Save File Dialog.

Export to Anki

Step 2:  Import your exported file using Anki

Open Anki, access File-Import from File menu, then select your exported file in the previous step:

import from file-anki

In the next Import Dialog, please check ‘Allow HTML in fields’, which will enable the paragraph format tags in the file.

anki-import dialog

You are done. Now enjoy learning your Kindle words using Anki!

anki page

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3 thoughts on “How to export my Kindle Vocabulary Words to Anki?

  1. This is great. But is there any way to include the “frequency” and “date” columns when exporting? I find it useful to know when I encountered a word and how many times I had to look it up. If that’s not possible now, please consider it a request for an upcoming feature!

    Thanks so much for this useful tool.

    • Thanks for your comment. For now you may export Vocabulary words to Excel file, which will include frequency and date columns.
      Please be noted that you may need Office installed on your computer first.

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