When syncing with Kindle Mate, all or part of clippings are dupulicated

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This happens typically when you use Kindle Mate on serveral computers with different locales and timezone format, or you just upgraded and sync again from ealier Kindle Mate (eg. 1.31) to the latest Kindle Mate 1.35+.

Why this happens
Kindle Mate uses timestamp and book information to identify clippings duplicates. Before Kindle Mate 1.35, there was a potential bug that running Kindle Mate on computers with different time format may cause the identification failure, which would possibly consider two clippings with exactly the same content two different records. This is the reason that causes the duplication.
From Kindle Mate 1.35 going forward, we have improved the mechanism using pre-formated timestamp to avoid this issue.

Export all the clippings and import back to enable the new duplication feature to remove the duplicates automatically. Please follow the steps:

  1. Export all your clippings to a file(Shortcut: Ctrl+F1)

    Please do choose the Kindle Clippings Raw Format, which can be imported back later.

  2. Delete all your clippings in KM  (Backup km2.dat first just in case)
  3. Import the exported file back to Kindle Mate, using File menu-Open Clippings File

  4. All done. Now all your clippings duplicates are removed. Cheers!
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