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Full change logs of all releases of Kindle Mate with download archives.

Kindle Mate Version 1.38 – Latest

Release Date: 2017-3-2 Download Now

<Upgrade instructions>
– For Kindle Mate Portable users, copy your the data file ‘KM2.dat’ located in old Kindle Mate folder, to the same location of the new release.
– For Kindle Mate Full Installer users,simply run the new Full Installer directly. The program will be automatically upgraded and all the old data remains.
<New Features>
– Added the ability to import from the notes file exported by Kindle for PC/Mac/iOS/Android.
– Added support to export Kindle Vocabulary Words to a database file, which can be imported back to Kindle Mate.
– Added Quick Find Bar (Ctrl+F) to quickly locate your books and authors.
– Improved Kindle Activity Profile design to show the activities of specific book.
– Added Double-Click to edit the definition of words.
– Enhanced multi-language support for Kindle clippings and Kindle App notes.
– Some UI and menu improvements
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed the compatibility issue when running Kindle Mate on Parallels Desktop and some shared locations.
– Fixed the issue that exporting list items to Anki didn’t reflect Anki Style options correctly.
– Some known issue fixes and performance improvements.
<Recent Major Updates>
– Added Category Folder feature to better organize and manage your book and author items.
– Added Global Edit feature to allow users to double-click to edit highlights, notes, stems, usages and definitions freely.
– Added three Anki Export Styles in Options, which allows users to export different styles of Front/Back cards and all selected fields for power users.
– Added the option to allow users merge related highlights and notes together when exporting as files.

Kindle Mate Version 1.36

Release Date: 2016-9-25 Download Now

<New Features>

-Batch-export all vocabulary books to files

-Added an option to allow Anki users to use different card styles and fields (Options – Words Export/Copy Format -Anki Style

-Highlight Anki keywords in both usages and definitions.
-Vocabulary Stem is editable. You can edit Word Stem to correct wrong stems and thus download right definitions (double-click on Stem in Reading Pane). When sync back to Kindle, your new stem will be saved.
-When Sync Changes to Kindle, the last successfully accessed vocabulary data will be saved as backup
<Bug Fixes>
-When changing the definitions of words, the color tags might be reset.
-Some option shortcuts might not work properly.
-Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Kindle Mate Version 1.35

Release Date: 2016-8-12  Download: Portable

<General changes>
+ Added ‘Category Folder’ feature to categorize and manage Clippings Books, Authors and Vocabulary Books in folders.(Ctrl+N)
You may use this feature to organize and export your books or authors on different purposes, eg, to create folders like [SPANISH BOOKS] or [HARRY PORTER SERIES] etc.
+ Extend Content Edit feature to Clippings, Notes, Word Usages and Definitions.
* Adjusted and reorganized system and context menus and some layouts for better experience.
– Administrator privilege used to run Kindle Mate is no longer required.
+ More languages support
* Other known bugs fixes and performance improvements

<Clipping management changes>
+ Added an option to merge relevant clipping and note into a single record when exporting.(Options-Clippings Copy/Export Format-Merge Content)
+ Added support to export clippings into Word with book index and navigation.
+ Significantly improved importing and syncing performance on large clippings(5000+)

<Vocabulary management changes>
+ Added support of local dictionary files in Manage Word Definitions. Now you can add definitions for your Kindle vocabulary words using desired dictionaries.
Build or convert your own dictionary files!
+ Added Shanbay Bilingual(en-en, en-cn) and Wiktionary (20 target languages, beta) in Dictionary Source.
* Word data is no longer required when exporting vocabulary words. (You could export stem only when needed.
+ Added an option to switch usage scope (across books or only for the selected book view)
– Fixed the word book export issue. Now when exporting a word book into a text or excel file, usages of other books are excluded.
* Improved Anki export file compatibility.
* Importing the file exported by Kindle Mate into Anki might fail due to some unpaired marks. The issued is addressed and fixed.

Kindle Mate Version 1.31

Release Date: 2015-6-5  Download: Portable  Full Installer
<Clipping management changes>
+ Added support to Merge Clipping Books
Book series and magazines containing clippings now can be automatically merged into single book for better organizing in the navigation tree.(Shortcut: Ctrl+M)
+ Added Page Location column in the List View
Now you could browse or export your clippings by order of Page Location/Number (improved)
+ Added support to export clippings into Excel
+ Added Polish and Nederland clippings support
<Vocabulary management changes>
* Fixed filename save issue when exporting into Anki
* Fixed some localization issues and conventions
<General changes>
+ Added Ui Font Size styles
* Improved navigation tree load performance and reduce the refresh
* Other known bugs fixes and performance improvements

Kindle Mate Version 1.30

Release Date: 2015-4-18
* Enhanced support to Kindle Voyage
+ New designed Sync Changes to Kindle
+ Multi-language features
+ Added Export to Excel, Anki
+ WordNet definition source added
* Known bugs fixed